Points of interest

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Korenmolen de Hoop

Korenmolen de Hoop, Dorpsstraat 106, Loenen a/d Vecht.

The mill is built in 1906, as a follow-up of the mill, which was burnt down in 1900. Already in 1675 there was a mill in this place, and later this 8-sided mill was built here. The mill was built on the base of the old mill, with parts of another mill from the Zaanstreek. Since 1975 the mill belongs to the Stichting Utrechtse Molens. You can visit the mill at Saturdays from 11.00-17.00 o’clock, including a little shop. Guided tours can be arranged by appointment.

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Het Fort

Fort Nieuwersluis, Rijksstraatweg 7B

The Fort is built in 1673 as a part of the Hollandse Waterlinie. It belongs to Natuurmonumenten. They arrange tours at some days a year, but you can also make a private appointment through

In summer the Tea Garden is open for breakfast or lunch from 10.00-17.00 and cooking workshops will be given by

If you are interested in forts, you can visit more forts like Fort Hinderdam and Fort Uitermeer.

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Castle Loenersloot

Kasteel Loenersloot, Rijksstraatweg 221.

The castle and formal manor is situated at the western shore of the river Angstel. The castle was named for the first time in 1258 and at that time it was only a Defense Tower (donjon). The castle belonged till 1435 to the family Van Loenersloot. In the 19th century bricks surrounded the tower and it was made like it is now. All the other parts of the castle are from the 14th and 15th century. The castle belongs now to the Stichting Kasteel Loenersloot is managed by the stichting Het Utrechts Landschap. In 2012 and 2013 the castle and the park around it are renovated and are now partly open for public. You can visit the castle led by a guide between the first of April and the first of October on Friday and Saturday between 11.00-17.00 uur.

You can make an appointment through or phone 0031 302 205 555.

Cycling & Hiking

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ByXX Fietsverhuur

Oud Loosdrechtsedijk 141b
1231 LT Loosdrecht

1 mei-1 oktober


Age van ´t Hoff 2-Wielers

Marijkestraat 22

3621 DC Breukelen

Mijnden Fietsverhuur

Recreatiecentrum Mijnden

Bloklaan 22a
1231 AZ Loosdrecht


In Nieuwersluis you can jump on the Biclycleboat, so you can combine cycling and boating. You can get on and off at every stop so after cycling you can take some rest on the boat and enjoy the landscape and the river the Vecht. You will find stops at Nieuwersluis, Breukelen, Maarssen and Oud Zuilen. And you can also get on without a bike.

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For the most beautiful hiking tours: Also for historical hikingtours!

Restaurants & Locations

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*= restaurant awarded with the famous Michelin-star

Loenen aan de Vecht

*Restaurant t' Amsterdammertje

Restaurant ’t Amsterdammertje
Rijksstraatweg 119

*Restaurant Tante Koosje

Restaurant Tante Koosje
Kerkstraat 1

Winebar De Proeverij

Winebar the Proeverij is a winebar for wines and bites. They also serve Indonesian Food. Kerkstraat 5a Loenen aan de Vecht, behind the church seen from the B&B. Open thursday till saturday from 5Pm till closing. Telephone: 0031620358925.

Eetcafé Oud Zuid

Eetcafé Oud Zuid Rijksstraatweg 116A Loenen aan de Vecht 0294230230

Eterij de Drie Gekroonde Laarsjes

Eterij de Drie Gekroonde Laarsjes
Rijksstraatweg 106

Bar Bistro Paolo's

Bar Bistro Paolo’s Rijkstraatweg 106A Loenen aan de Vecht

Vergaderlocatie: De Schuur van Loenen

The Schuur van Loenen is an unique meeting location in the centre of Loenen aan de Vecht between Utrecht and Amsterdam.

De Schuur van Loenen

Meet, selling, recording and photography location.

Kerkstraat 10
3632 EL
Loenen aan de Vecht


*Hotel Restaurant de Nederlanden

Hotel Restaurant de Nederlanden
Duinkerken 3

Lokaal Zuid

Lokaal Zuid
Lindengracht 25


Flores Restaurant

Flores Restaurant, Indonesisch eten, Rijksstraatweg 189, Loenersloot


Loetje Breukelen


Stationsweg 1 3621LJ Breukelen

Buitenplaats Slangevecht

Buitenplaats Slangevecht Straatweg 40 Breukelen

Taveerne de Danne

Taveerne de Danne Straatweg 106 Breukelen

Ponte d'Oro

Ponte d’Oro Brugstraat 9 Breukelen


If you like boating you are, of course in the right place. The Loosdrechtse Plassen is very close, so you can do all kind of water sports. A trip on the river the Vecht is a must. From Nieuwersluis ( if you need a captain or if you can sail yourself: Loosdrechtse Plassen ( or


Next to B&B Klein Loenen there is a little shop, Art from Nature, where you can buy several handmade presents, like handbags, etuis, keyrings, jewelry and more. The shop is open at Fridays and if you make an appointment: 06-20880398 (Margit van Niekerk-van Lotringen, the owner of the B&B). In Breukelen there are also nice shops like Mus, Pip and Buyten with beautiful trendy clothes and accessories. There is also a very good bookshop (Van Kralingen). In Maarssen in Shopping Mall Maarssenbroek you will find many shops like Hema and Blokker. If you really like to shop Utrecht and Amsterdam are 20 minutes driving from here and you can go by train from CS Breukelen.


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In summer when the weather is fine, you can take a swim at Zwemlust in Nieuwersluis, Zandpad 15.